What's Happening in Virginia

In the 2024 Virginia General Assembly session CAP monitored House Bill 118 which would have helped to place commonsense restrictions on utility ownership of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Old Dominion. A bill with several EV charging provisions, HB 118 included language which would have established a right of first refusal (ROFR) process. This process would have limited utility ownership of EV charging stations to certain areas of higher need, ensured that new utility stations would not undercut existing privately-owned ones and allowed private entities to provide EV charging services to areas before utilities could do so with ratepayer funds. This legislation received support from several environmental groups but unfortunately did not advance beyond the House Labor and Commerce Committee.


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A change in public policy is needed to meet our country’s growing EV charging needs. To date, policies have largely been dictated by power companies. And the result has been great for utility companies but not for EV drivers and utility customers. To achieve a successful nationwide charging network, private businesses and consumers must have a seat at the table. It’s time that all stakeholders – from electricity consumers and EV drivers to transportation infrastructure businesses and related industries – be heard. Now is the time for us to charge ahead!