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Help shape EV charging policy in your state! Take advantage of these opportunities to advocate for a fair and competitive EV charging market.

Support Nebraska LB 1317!

Nebraska LB 1317 is crucial legislation that will help level the playing field in the EV charging market. This legislation will allow EV charging stations operators to resell electricity to EV drivers, a necessity for private investment. LB 1317 will also restrict electric suppliers’ ability to compete unfairly with private entities by establishing a right of first refusal process for EV charging stations, ensuring that private entities can serve areas before utilities do. Finally, this bill will level the playing field by requiring electric suppliers that operate EV charging stations to do so under the same rates available to any private operator in the supplier’s service territory.  

This bill contains language that was originally included in Legislative Bill 1218 which CAP organized a coalition letter of support for. LB 1317 has passed the Legislature and is awaiting action from the Governor.  

Submit comments to the Maryland Public Service Commission by May 1, 2024.

In Maryland, one of the states with the most aggressive utility control of the EV charging market, the Public Service Commission (PSC) is currently accepting comments on ongoing utility EV programs and the appropriate role for the utilities within the EV charging sector moving forward. This is an excellent opportunity to encourage the Maryland PSC to move away from utility ownership of EV charging stations and instead allow private investment to enter the market on a level playing field. Currently, electric utilities in Maryland have been approved to own and operate hundreds of EV charging stations CAP is planning on submitting comments ahead of the May 1, 2024, deadline and encourages members with operations in Maryland to do the same. Information on the utility programs can be found in the docket for Case 9478 and information on submitting comments can be found in the notice of hearing from the PSC.