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Help our members get engaged in your state! You may be the first to know of activity in your areas of operation. If you find something, email us at so that we can share it with all of our members!

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Help shape EV charging policy in your state! Take advantage of these opportunities to advocate for a fair and competitive EV charging market.

Arizona: Support SB 1501!

There is currently a bill in Arizona, Senate Bill 1501, that will address many of the issues that are currently dissuading private investment in the Arizona EV charging market. This bill creates a level playing field between private and public investments in EV charging infrastructure and requires that utilities seeking to enter the EV charging market create a separate subsidiary organization that will be subject to the same rules and regulations as private investors, ensuring that consumer expectations are met by promoting price transparency and competition. This bill recently passed the Commerce Committee, and is heading to the floor. We encourage all CAP members with operations in the state of Arizona to get involved by contacting their senator to express their support for this bill.

Support Ohio Am. Sub. HB 33!

Ohio House Bill 33 is the state’s main operating budget. Included in the budget is an amendment that addresses key barriers to the creation of a competitive and equitable EV charging market in Ohio. Am. Sub. HB 33 prohibits electric utility companies from utilizing riders on Ohioan’s electric bills to purchase, own, and operate EV chargers. HB 33 allows utilities to compete in the EV charging space, contingent on them doing so through a separate subsidiary subject to the same rates, terms and conditions that apply to all EV charging providers. Am. Sub. HB 33 recently passed out of the House and is now in the Senate Finance Committee. We encourage all CAP members with operations in Ohio to reach out to their senators and express their strong support for Am. Sub. HB 33.

Support Oklahoma SB 502!

Oklahoma has introduced SB 502 which encourages private investment in EV charging infrastructure. SB 502 prohibits electric utilities from using ratepayer dollars to fund EV charging stations. Utilities will still be able to own and operate EV chargers, but under a separate subsidiary subject to the same rules and rates as private chargers. Furthermore, SB 502 codifies the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s ruling that private EV charging providers can resell electricity without being classified as a utility. SB 502 has passed the Legislature and is now waiting on the Governor's signature. We encourage all CAP members with operations in Oklahoma to write to the Governor's Office express their strong support for this bill.

PURPA Amendments Present Opportunities In Multiple States

In November 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed Congress. This presented opportunities for public action across many states. If you would like to read more about what the IIJA and PURPA Amendments mean for EV Charging, read our blog post here.

Indiana - Submit comments by June 5, 2023

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is evaluating the EV charging programs standard through Cause Number 45816. Previous Commission actions addressed the demand-response practices standard. While the proceeding is ongoing comments can be submitted through the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor and must be submitted a week ahead of the OUCC filing testimony before the Commission in order to be included. The deadline for parties, including the OUCC, to file their initial testimony is June 12, and therefore comments should be submitted to them by June 5. Guidelines for submitting comments and information on submitting them via email and mail can be found at this link. More information on the proceeding's schedule can be found in the Prehearing Conference Order document available in the docket linked above. For more information on the matters being considered by the Commission, view the DOCKET ENTRY with Issues List and initial order which are both available in the docket linked above.

New Hampshire - Submit Comments to the Clerk’s Office by June 13

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission is evaluating these standards through Docket IR 22-076. The New Hampshire PUC has released the procedural schedule for the proceeding with the following dates for participants wishing to submit comments: initial comments are due March 21, reply comments May 2, final comments June 13, and there is a status conference on June 15. It is possible to submit public comments that will be included in the docket without being a participant by emailing them to the Clerk’s Office. Any submissions should include the docket number so that staff can file them properly. The Commission’s Clerks Office can be reached at More information can be found in the PUC order.

Wyoming - Submit Comments by July 21, 2023

The Wyoming Public Service Commission has opened Docket No. 900000-174-XI-23 to consider the electric vehicle charging programs standards as enumerated in the PURPA Amendments. Written comments will be received by the Commission through the close of business on July 21, 2023 while reply comments will be accepted through the close of the public hearing scheduled for August 16, 2023. Public comments can be submitted in this docket by emailing the commission at Any submissions should include the docket number so that they can be properly filed. Additional information and details for submitting comments can be found in the call for public comments.

South Carolina - Submit Comments to the Public Service Commission

The South Carolina Public Service Commission has opened Docket 2023-121-E to identify the regulatory challenges and opportunities associated with the electrification of the transportation sector, including the rate structure standards of the PURPA Amendments. Initially, the deadline to file a petition to intervene in this case was May 24, 2023. At the request of intervening parties the deadlines for comments and petitions to intervene are currently being held in abeyance and stayed until further Order of the Commission. When the Commission releases further details about the revised proceedings schedule this alert will be updated. Public comments can be submitted in this docket through E-File or by emailing the commission at Any submissions should include the docket number so that they can be properly filed. Information for mailing in comments or contacting the commission can be found here. More information on the topics being considered can be found in the PSC directive order which established the docket.