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About Charge Ahead Partnership

Who We Are

The number of electric vehicles in the U.S. is projected to increase from 1.5 million in 2020 to 10–35 million by 2030. The United States must construct an additional 1.25 million chargers to meet the demand of this new consumer market – that amounts to constructing 380 chargers a day until 2030.

About the Charge Ahead Partnership

Who We Are And Why It Matters

Charge Ahead Partnership is a coalition of businesses, associations and individuals that share the common goal of efficiently and effectively developing a charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) across the United States. Whether you care about the environment and want to reduce GHG emissions by increasing the use of EVs, are in the EV charging service market (or want to be), or are looking out for consumers who are being unfairly charged on their home electric bill to pay for charging someone else’s EV, Charge Ahead Partnership is for you!

Why is this important now? The number of EVs on U.S. roads is projected to reach 18.7 million by 2030 and the Biden Administration has committed to adding 500,000 EV charging stations over the next decade for a national charging system to be established. Now is the time when we are starting to lay the groundwork for a charging network. While power companies are an integral part to the future of EVs, they are not in a position to solely lead the establishment and expansion of the EV charging network. Their current approach is to install EV chargers where it is convenient for them, not the driver, and are funding the installation and energy used at the chargers by increasing the rates for their current power utility customers. It is wrong for power companies to build and operate EV charging stations that are paid for through home electric bills by lower income families, most of whom do not have EVs.

This patchwork of charging stations also does little to solve the other big issue in establishing a charging network—range anxiety. People are unsure that their vehicle will have sufficient charging options to make it from one point to another, especially long distances. Power companies do not have the answer to this problem because they don’t own sufficient real estate along our interstates, highways and roads.

We believe the best way to develop a national charging network that addresses this concern is through a competitive, market-based approach that gives consumers the confidence to purchase electric vehicles and meets the needs of today’s drivers. Utilizing the current, established fueling network is the first step to alleviating “range anxiety” and incentivizing drivers to make the switch to EVs.

Our goal is to work with policy-makers to ensure that the nation’s system of charging locations is positioned to meet drivers’ expectations of quality service, safety, and affordable, competitive pricing that they have grown accustomed to with the established refueling network. We want to empower the consumer instead of letting the power companies monopolize the industry.

Why The Charge Ahead Partnership Is Needed

Charge Ahead with Us

Do you care about reducing GHG emissions and want more EVs on the road?

Do you look out for the little guy – consumers who are being taken advantage of?

Do you want more EV charging stations across the country to meet the growing demand?

Do you care about the EV charging industry and want it to thrive?

Then join us. No organization is too big or too small to be part of our effort to expand the EV charging network and deliver fair and competitive pricing to EV drivers.

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