What's Happening in New Jersey

In October 2023, Charge Ahead Partnership submitted comments to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in Docket No. ER23030124. This docket served as the basic general service (BGS) case for all of New Jersey’s electric distribution companies (EDCs) for 2024. In the board order concluding the 2023 BGS case, the Board of Public Utilities directed the EDCs to make proposals regarding rate design for direct current fast charging (DCFC) stations in their 2024 BGS case. The utilities all did so, with PSE&G, Atlantic City Electric, Rockland Electric and Jersey Central Power & Light proposing temporary pilot programs with a focus on kWh billing instead of existing demand frameworks. CAP sent a letter praising the pilot programs as an alternative to rate structures based on demand charges but also encouraged the Board to consider permanent solutions to demand charges in order to provide necessary certainty to businesses considering investing in EV charging stations. The Board found the EV charging proposals from the EDCs to be reasonable and directed them to implement two-year DCFC pilot programs and to file an update on the programs in July 2024 as part of the 2025 BGS proposal.


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A change in public policy is needed to meet our country’s growing EV charging needs. To date, policies have largely been dictated by power companies. And the result has been great for utility companies but not for EV drivers and utility customers. To achieve a successful nationwide charging network, private businesses and consumers must have a seat at the table. It’s time that all stakeholders – from electricity consumers and EV drivers to transportation infrastructure businesses and related industries – be heard. Now is the time for us to charge ahead!