Charge Ahead Partnership is supporting SB 502, filed by Oklahoma lawmakers Sen. Chuck Hall and Rep. Kyle Hilbert, which will allow private retailers to invest in electric vehicle chargers and offer new charging services to customers.

Expanding Oklahoma's EV Charging Network

Charge Ahead Partnership is advocating for a competitive and level playing field for all retailers who want to provide commercially available electric vehicle charging stations in Oklahoma. The most equitable, economic and practical way to build out a charging network in Oklahoma is through a market-based approach which removes the barriers that are disincentivizing private investment in EV charging infrastructure. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders to find commonsense solutions that will unlock the market’s full potential without unfairly shifting the cost burden to non-EV users – particularly those in low- and fixed-income communities.

As more Oklahomans consider purchasing an EV, the issue of where they will charge their vehicle is becoming top of mind. Range anxiety – the fear of not knowing where you can charge while traveling outside of your local area – is deterring many from making the leap from gas-powered to electric vehicles. Charging stations should have with the same convenient locations and amenities that drivers have come to expect at the gas pump today. Unfortunately, there are policies in place that are stifling the growth of EV charging stations.

Power companies across the country have sought authority from state regulatory bodies that oversee electric utilities to begin construction on EV changing stations using revenue from ratepayers. Power companies are raising customer’s power bills and then using that new revenue to build EV charging stations. This results in higher costs for all ratepayers. This practice also creates an uneven playing field and unfair competition that discourages private businesses from investing in EV charging. As a result, the existing EV charging network has failed to meet drivers’ expectations of choice, affordability and competitive pricing that they have grown accustomed to with the established traditional refueling network.

Oklahoma has an opportunity to develop policy that will allow our state to support the growing EV market and ensure that EV drivers of today and tomorrow can conveniently, reliably and efficiently recharge their vehicles and get to their destination.


Specifically, Charge Ahead Partnership is supporting
SB 502 in Oklahoma that:

  1. Allows power companies to continue to own and operate EV charging stations, but only in a competitive manner and under a separate entity that is held to the same requirements as private EV charging purveyors.

  2. Codifies the Oklahoma Corporate Commission ruling allowing private entities to resell electricity for the purpose of EV charging.

  3. Establishes a fair rate structure for the sale of electricity for third-party EV charging.


Support Oklahoma SB 502!

Oklahoma has introduced SB 502 which encourages private investment in EV charging infrastructure. SB 502 prohibits electric utilities from using ratepayer dollars to fund EV charging stations. Utilities will still be able to own and operate EV chargers, but under a separate subsidiary subject to the same rules and rates as private chargers. This bill also requires electric utilities to establish a set rate designed to encourage private investment in EV charging. While this legislation doesn’t require a specific rate, it will create a more predictable rate structure for private EV charging investors. Furthermore, SB 502 codifies the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s ruling that private EV charging providers can resell electricity without being classified as a utility. SB 502 recently passed the Senate and is heading to the House of Representatives. We encourage all CAP members with operations in Oklahoma to write to their legislators and express their strong support for this bill.

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